For years we have utilized our experience in media management towards assisting people in improving their communities. CUVL has set up two NGOs – Yuva Shakti and Society for Creation of Heaven on Earth – that help conceive, plan and implement various programmes at a micro level. These NGOs work mainly out of rural India, concentrating on rural communications and poverty alleviation.

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti (Indian Youth Power) is a national organisation of youth leaders with a network in 173 districts of India. Yuva Shakti identifies young community leaders, provides them leadership training, gives them a programme of work and supports them to campaign for democratically elected public offices at the village, block and district level.


The Society for Creation of Heaven on Earth (SCHE) provides consultancy and monitoring services to other NGOs, national and international funding organisations and companies seeking to initiate rural development programmes. SCHE's team of community development experts assists NGOs, funding organisations and companies in preparing Project Reports for government/international funding, monitoring on-going programmes for donor agencies and evaluating on-going programmes for donor agencies.
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