Chitra Utsav Video Limited specialises in developing and marketing of high quality video films, documentaries and television commercials. We help you through the entire process of film making – from production to post production, through to finding an appropriate channel for your programme. CUVL is registered with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India, and with the Department of Audio Visual Productions.
For services please contact: Ms Sharmila Bakshi, bakshi.akhil@gmai
.com, Tower B-5, Flat 901, World Spa West, Sector 30, Gurgaon - 122001 India

Our creative treatment to subjects and imaginative application of techniques has won us awards time and again. Our experience ranges from probing documentaries, sports films, human interest stories, series for children, corporate films to television commercials. Whatever be the subject, we could translate your idea into an evocative film that will be remembered by your audience.
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CUVL provides you with the latest equipment for production and post production, along with skilled operators. In addition to hiring equipment, we provide camera crews, technicians and editing teams for field and studio productions at competitive rates. We also provide a Professional Camera Package and a customizable Electronic Field Production package that is ideal for interviews.
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Chitra Utsav has over 2000 hours of excellent Betacam footage. Our archives contain subjects such as the Indian Freedom Struggle, Indian politics, wildlife, agriculture, industries, tourism, States of India and other South-east Asian countries. CUVL is also a marketing partner of Sekani, the largest footage library in the world. The collection comprises over 80,000 hours of footage from the top cinematographers and film production houses across the world.
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Chitra Utsav helps independent producers in placing their programmes with broadcasters and home video distributors worldwide. If you are producing quality programming or have produced programmes in the past which have not been marketed fully, you may like to contact us.
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