If you are a Member of Parliament you will find our Political Management Services of great help. We help MPs to professionally manage their constituency and be an ideal representative of people.

PMS assists you to develop strategies and tactics, define your message and employ other essential skills required of a public representative and a parliamentarian. Services offered by PMS include:
Constituency development planning
Monitoring progress of developmental schemes
Maintaining a computerised data base and mailing services
Liasion with the administration
Organising mass contact programmes
Press relations
Speech-writing and parliamentary support

Through these services PMS assists you in creating an impact through personalised political messages and ensuring a strong, more persuasive political campaign. Our PMS team has creative and analytical skills combined with a keen understanding of society and social psychology and political experience. We are absolutely professional in our approach, discreet in our dealings, and guarantee absolute secrecy. If you would like us to support you in your endeavour to become an important public man, an inspiring leader, a respected parliamentarian and a warm friend to your voters - please write to us or call us - and we will be happy to come and discuss with you the possibility of working together.
I want you to manage my constituency

As an MP, have you faced these problems?
You do not have enough time or staff to devote to constituency affairs.
The handful of volunteers lack the technical skills and the ability to analyse situations from a detached perspective.
Thousands of letters and petitions are left lying around waiting to be acted upon.
Hard facts and figures about the constituency, party workers, voters are not available when required.
You do not have an accurate feel of the voters' mood and their attitudes towards various issues.

CUVL's Political Management Services help you manage your constituency professionally.