You can make a big difference to your community too!
You can join the ranks of committed youth who are working earnestly, and tirelessly to bring about positive change to their communities. Yuva Shakti is a result of the urge of millions of Indian youth to have an organisation of their own. An organisation that reflects their aspirations, their desires, their needs, and gives them an opportunity to directly shape the destiny of the great Indian people.


Shaping Destinies

By organising its cadres at the national, state, district, block and village levels, Yuva Shakti is awakening widespread popular participation in our national development programmes. From the Lushai Hills of Mizoram to the mountainous deserts of Ladakh; from the marshes of Kutch to the tiny islands of Lakshadweep –- in every part and every corner of our vast country – these young leaders are ready to spearhead a movement to accelerate the pace of India's socio-economic transformation. Yuva Shakti 'Karamveers' are running village study centres, conducting awareness drives on family planning, assisting people affected by floods and droughts, organising mass contact programmes and seminars on national issues, serving the poorest of the poor –- and getting all good people together for ensuring good leadership.

Our Vision Of India

In our India there will be no misery, squalor, disease and poverty
The basic requirements of all individuals in respect of food, water, shelter and clothing will be met.
Everyone will have equal access to the best education and medical facilities.
Everyone will be productively employed. There will be no unemployment.
There will be equitable justice. There will be no room for discrimination based on caste, creed or sex. People will realise that as one nation and one family we all share the same aspirations and a common destiny.
There will be freedom of expression and belief. Pursuit of intellectual and artistic creativity will be encouraged.
Man will live in unity and harmony with nature.
Population growth will be planned.
There will be more trees, parks and forests. All our neighborhoods, streets, villages and cities will be clean. The air and water will be free of pollution.
The government will be small in size. The bureaucracy will be competent, accessible and sensitive to the people's rights and needs. Public representatives will be persons of attractive merit and established character.
There will be no violence or destruction. The citizens will be free from the tensions of foreign aggression and civil strife.
There will be no social evils like dowry and corruption. The social system will encourage initiative, creativity, fearlessness, self-confidence, and development of individuality, along with a spirit of cooperation and service.