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We represent Sekani in India. Sekani Royalty Free footage offers you 80,000 hours of the choicest footage from the top cinematographers and film production houses across the world. Sekani is the new, affordable way to use rights-cleared, broadcast quality footage in any and all of your creative projects.
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Sekani exclusively represents some of the worlds most renowned companies, including Paramount Pictures Stock Footage Library, ESPN®, Hearst EntertainmentTM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc®, CNN and The National Hockey League®. We maintain the premier Internet web site for motion where our customers can search, preview and purchase footage 24/7. Our customers include advertising agencies, production companies, broadcasting companies, corporations, small businesses and graphic and web designers worldwide. Here is a comprehensive list of areas that you can find footage on:

Animals and Wildlife: Shot by some of the world's best directors of photography, Sekani's Wildlife library delves from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the expanse of the Serengeti Plains. Footage of endangered species, predators and prey, curious animals doing funny things and the family pet are all included.
Architecture and Design: The Architecture and Design collection includes a complete survey of buildings, styles and structures throughout the ages of construction - from ranch-style homes in suburbia to a glistening city skyline.
Arts and Entertainment: Sekani's Arts and Entertainment footage covers all mediums and personalities, from famous radio deejays to glamorous movie stars on the red carpet and in old Hollywood.
Business: Sekani's comprehensive collection of Business footage is comprised of workers from around the world in various trades and professions. Virtually every business situation is represented, in addition to the equipment and technology needed to compete in today's corporate world.

Environment, Nature and Scenes: From sunrise at the beach to sunset over the desert, Sekani's epic Environment, Nature and Scenics library contains moving imagery of some of the most captivating places on Earth. Included are starry skies, aerials over canyons and jungles, time-lapse flowers, autumn leaves, ocean waves, eclipses, avalanches, lightning and volcanoes.

Geography and Travel: The Sekani library includes hundreds of hours of footage from every major city in the world. From a look at exotic international cities and famous archeological sites to national parks and travelogues, every world destination is included.
Historical: Sekani is the definitive resource for archival footage with images covering every aspect of history, politics, war, lifestyles, fads and fashions from the last century. Our extensive network of private collectors provides a steady stream of unique and hard-to-find images including government films, religious programs, TV shows, documentaries, commercials, public service announcements, newsreels, travelogues, home movies, cartoons and vintage Hollywood features.
Medical: Sekani's outstanding Medical library is known for its biotech images, current medical environments, procedures, microscopy and the most recent medical technologies. Included is a wide array of scenes from the ER and fantastic footage of surgeries from open-heart to cosmetic.
People and Lifestyles: Sekani is home to one of the strongest collections of contemporary lifestyles footage available in the industry. Over 50 exclusively represented production companies, independent cinematographers and our own production team provide a constant supply of cutting edge imagery that serves as a cross section for American and international life.
Science and Technology: Sekani's diverse collection of Science and Technology footage contains the most sophisticated scientific and technological advances, state of the art images of space exploration, botanical experiments, computing equipment and a look back at some of the great scientific milestones of the last century.
Sentiments and Attitudes: From the nave of a gothic church to a time-lapse flower slowly opening to a drug user filling a needle, images from Sekani's vast collections of evocative footage fit a variety of emotions and belief systems, from edgy to affirming.
Sports and Recreation: Sekani's Action Sports Adventure brand is one of the world's most extensive sports image archives. Footage spans from the advent of the camera through the present day, covering all types of sports.
Transportation: Sekani's vast collection of transportation footage contains all forms of movement, from planes and boats to buses and blimps.

Visual Styles: This eclectic category of footage covers a diverse range of images notable for their visual approaches as well as their content, such as special effects, claymation, CGI and tabletop images of food.

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