I'll Follow the Sun is a literary travelogue that chronicles the author’s journeys to the ends of the earth. Full of wit and satire, Bakshi’s classic story-telling and embellishing descriptions of people, places and events tickle the insides. Sit back and explore the mountains and lakes of New Zealand, the volcanoes of Bali, the ruins of Angkor; take a train ride across the Tibetan Plateau or a stomach-churning drive into the secluded Nubra Valley; get lost in the Lakshdweep Sea, track Osama in Afghanistan or bash the dunes of Arabia; wander through the interiors of Scotland, Ireland and Iceland; see Caribbean from the comfort of a cruise ship or brace yourself for an exhilarating trek to Everest and Patagonia. And prepare to laugh – hard and often. Bakshi’s astute, and at times refreshingly irreverent eye and penetrating observations skewer history and politics in a delightfully thought-provoking prose. Charming descriptions of nature and wilderness enthral and captivate. Patterns of life, repeating themselves across the planet, illuminate the book. An entertaining exploration of our mad – but beautiful – world, it is one of those rare books that evoke the human spirit


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536 pages
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