A vivid account of the Azad Hind Expedition that retraced the steps of the braves of INA under the fiery leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose.

The Road To Freedom takes the reader back to a time when 70,000 young Indians waged war against the British Empire During World War II, the Indian National Army (INA) developed from a band of PoWs into a fighting machine that devastated British defenses on India's eastern borders. Fifty years later, the Azad Hind Expedition retraced the route taken by the INA – driving through Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and across the breadth of India from frontier Manipur to the Red Fort at New Delhi the final goal of the liberation army.

The Road To Freedom brings the expeditions journey vividly to life, through its evocative text and superb photography. The book also contains several rare and extraordinary action-photography of the INA and its heroes. Accompanying the Azad Hind Expedition were three battle-scarred veterans of the INA, each a legend in his own time: Col Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, Col Lakshmi Sehgal and Capt SS Yadava. As the expedition traverses those thick jungles and deep rivers, the high mountains and scorching plains treaded by the braves of the INA, the veterans recall those glorious days through the mists of memory. The text contains hair-raising accounts of the battles won and defeats suffered; picturesque descriptions of the expedition's adventures in distant lands. Mixing the story of the INA with insightful observations of local people and customs, The Road To Freedom isa highly unique portrait of 20th-century politics and travel.

The Road To Freedom is sumptuously illustrated with outstanding photos....over 120 colour plates.


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“Very readable.” – Khushwant Singh
“Certainly a book to treasure.”  - Outlook
“It is an honest story – and, to Akhil Bakshi’s credit, it is truthfully told.” - India Today
“Good read, excellent photography, and an authentic flavor of modern history.” – India Today Plus
“Succinctly written, the book is a must in the collection of anyone who is interested in the history – Swagat