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Arctic to Antarctic: A Journey Across the Americas is an entertaining account of the author’s Pangea One World Expedition – a 32,000km, four-month traverse of the Americas. Starting at Prudhoe Bay, on the Arctic Ocean at the northern end of Alaska, he travelled over land and sea to Cape Horn - the southernmost tip of Americas - where the Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic oceans meet. 

The purpose of the expedition, besides adventure, was to study the national responses to climate change in the 14 countries traversed during the course of the expedition.

Feasting on the wonders of nature, Arctic to Antarctic takes the reader deep into the region's shared culture and brilliantly fuses its hoary antiquity with contemporary life. The author celebrates the superior artistic and technical achievements of the flourishing pre-Columbian civilisations and rejoices at the present reassertion and rediscovery of native culture and traditions. 

His deep curiosity about evolutionary history and archaeological anthropology leads the author to hypothesise the presence of a Negroid population in the Americas long before the arrival of the Mongoloid Asians across the Bering Strait. He wonders if the great floods cited in various scriptures, and the lost cities mentioned in world mythologies, are indeed true; that there existed, in various parts of the Earth, advanced civilisations that were in contact with each other, as they are now, and were destroyed simultaneously in a sudden catastrophe. 

Arctic to Antarctic is a breezy satire of America’s troubled past shaped by marauding conquistadors, industrious clergy, ragtag revolutionaries and corrupt leaders who did nothing to help the lives of the poor.

A deftly crafted travelogue on one of the most fascinating regions of our planet, it is a light, fun read that will linger long in the mind. 

The text is enhanced with 190 colour photographs. 




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